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Resource site for ex-felons

Second Chance site specifically to help felons released from prison find jobs.


Links to resources for parents/children/spouses of those who are incarcerated

As a child, if your loved one is incarcerated, the many changes may feel overwhelming. This is a link to Sesame Street’s “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration” which is designed for a parent or guardian of a child with an incarcerated parent to deal and cope with these challenges. How to use every day routines to help your child. Encourage your children (ages 3-8) to express their feelings. Talk with your children about incarceration, and connect with your child’s incarcerated parent. Excellent free resource!


Prison Fellowship: Information on the different prison ministry opportunities offered by Prison Fellowship, and how you can go through the training to become a volunteer. The training program they offer is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about doing jail/prison ministry even if you don’t become a Prison Fellowship volunteer. Gives you the training and information you need if you know absolutely nothing about what to expect when doing prison ministry.

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry: Link to becoming a volunteer. They deal mostly with jails and have an excellent program

A personal video done by 513 Free on my experience as a prison ministry volunteer.

A personal video done by 513 Free with Sue Ottum on her experience as a prison ministry volunteer:



Pilot issue of the “Pen Project” magazine, a ministry of 513 Free alongside inmates from the Jackson Corr. Inst. This is an attempt to give inmates a voice to others outside the walls and to inmates in other institutions. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ and we want their voices to be hear. All artwork is done by inmates, and articles include: testimonies, meditations, poems, thoughts, sermons, recipes,  music, etc. 


Here is the link to my “Unshackled” program done in 2 parts. In the archives its under 10/18/15 Part 1, and 10/25/15 Part 2.

Newspaper article done when I went to Becker, Minn. to speak.

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