Everything we do is free of charge. We have learned that God will bless us when there is a need, and there should never be a charge for sharing the Gospel with others. There are costs involved in our ministries, including Bibles, tracts and materials, gas, motorcycle repairs, money used to help others in need when we see one, food, time… There is always a need to be met for someone somewhere. Won’t you help our ministry share the message of the Gospel with others to help set them free and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. You may make a general donation, or if you want it to go to one of our specific ministries, please let us know which one to dedicate it to. The ministries include: Faith Riders Motorcycle Ministry, Prison/Jail Ministry, Speaking engagements, Youth Ministry, Street/Homeless/addictions ministry. Checks/money orders may be made out to: Pastor Brian Cole, c/o The Oaks Church, 14695 County Highway N, Drummond, WI. 54832. Your donations are appreciated.