We are involved with many ministries and these ministry pages will give you the details, focus, and purpose of each of them. Though I am a Pastor of a Church, the real work of the Church takes place outside the walls. My job as a Pastor is to equip others to do the same thing: to GO OUT and reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to make disciples.  I take my job as youth Pastor seriously, but I also know the reality that my kids will have a better chance of being true Jesus followers by discipling them OUTSIDE the Church rather than just hearing the things we teach them at youth group on Sunday nights.

We are involved with many things outside of these listed on the “Ministries” pages. We make ourselves available to any and all who are in need, and if we cannot help them we have many people we can delegate them to in the particular area of need. This includes meeting with addicts, counseling addicts in the Faith Based “Almond Tree” addictions program, coming alongside of those recently released from jail/prison and mentoring them and helping them get stabilized, dealing with the homeless… basically we see ministry in everything we do and wherever we go. Many of the greatest God sightings have happened in random places meeting random people.

Those who need Jesus the most are the least likely to ever walk into a Church, so our Focus and goal is to bring Jesus to them! We appreciate any financial help, prayer support or even suggestions you might have which will help our ministries. God bless you all.