On this page we will copy testimonies of people who have been affected by God’s Words and actions through our ministries in serving Him! If you have been affected in any way by any of these ministries, please feel free to write us on the contact page and let us know how! We value your input, good or bad. Know that regardless of what people say about me, this is all the Lord’s work and His word through the Holy Spirit that moves people, not I! Praise God!!

Wausau St. Mark’s Outreach

(DeeDee) – “Brian it was truly a pleasure to meet you and hear you tell of the transformation God created in you! How He made the “impossible,” possible! Thank you for putting a face to the dark side a showing there’s a way out to the Light!”

(Edward) – “Brian Cole it was great hearing you speak again. Very difficult topic that too many people turn their back on. We need to love on all people but especially those having a hard time finding their way.”

(John) – “Wonderful job yesterday Pr Brian Cole . Enjoyed every bit of it. The humor, transparency was so real. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
We are so blessed to be a part and join with you in establishing the God given vision. America needs you. Truly a man of this hour.
Thank you Bob Schneider for bringing down these amazing people to Wausau.”


Thorp School

(Donna) – “Thank you for coming, Brian Cole & speaking truth to our kids. No one has ever spoken as passionately & powerfully as you did today to set captives free. May God continue to bless you wherever you go.”

(Alex) – “It was a great speech.  Well organized, well delivered, meaningful material throughout.  I wish someone like you had been giving speeches when I was in school!”

(Carmen) – “You did such an amazing job! I was truly moved ❤️ keep up what your doing, if you inspire just one person you know your doing great!”


Mondovi School

(Mark – Parent of a student) – “Thank you for visiting the Mondovi School District last Friday! My Daughter, Avery was very much looking forward to seeing you! She was VERY emotional while listening to you and your story. Thank you for what you do, and I wish you the very best!! God Bless!!”

(Kayla – a student) – “Hey Brian, you went to my school (Mondovi) Friday. I am really glad to hear your story and so happy that you came to our school. with all the drama/ bullying going going on at school you came in at the right time. I am really happy the lord sent you. I think you made a difference in my peers. keep walking with the lord and inspiring people! thanks again.”

(Marissa – a student) –  “I was one of the students in attendance who was completely entranced by you story of personal struggles to get to where you are today. The entire student body thanks you for sharing your story with us. It definitely left a lasting impression.”

(Teyss – a student) – “I was one of the students watching this and this was an emotional rollercoaster I am so happy for you and your story….♥️”


Chippewa Falls High School/ Alternative School and after school Rally

(Karen) – “Last night was very impactful. From the community organizations upon walking in through to the welcoming of participants to the stage area at the end. Your efforts pulling together such a great message were so awesome! My family and I had much to talk about on the trip back home! Thank you for all you do to help our children and families succeed!”

(Lisa) – “I know you are a busy man, but I would like you to know that I brought 3 recovering meth addicts with me last night and 1 of them gave their life to Christ after hearing you speak. Just know that God is working through you Brian!”

(Jerome) – “Brian I just wanted to say that last night was amazing and your talk has gave me reason to keep going and beat my struggle.”

(Sariah) – “I really enjoyed seeing you again Brian and I wanna say thank you for everything you did and I’m so happy you’re doing these events and I can’t say thank you enough for everything you’ve done from talking to you and everything you’ve helped a lot and I’m glad you get to go around spreading hope and the truth.”

(Jessica) – “Thank you for speaking tonight. Your words & testimony was inspiring & convicting. The entertainment was spectacular too!”

(Joni) – “I just wanted to say that after last night I have a mission Anna gave her life to Christ and I feel that I have a mission to fill to guide her to a faith filled church… thank you brother.”

(Raechel) – “Most amazing man I’ve ever met. Brian Cole you have inspired so many people including me. I still remember the day I met you, and I also still have that crystal rock you gave me, and I remember you said that I was beautiful as that rock. After hearing your speech, you gave me hope for my parents that were fighting addiction. thank you so much. ? god bless.”

(Madasyn) – “Thanks for the show that happened on Tuesday. I really learned a lot of things and I prayed God would help heal my sister with her depression, and I talked two people out of suicide with a summary of was at the show. I’m glad to see that you took God into your hands.”

(A mother of one of the students who attended the after school rally) – “Brian Brian Brian, when my daughter came home last week from seeing you in Chippewa, that luckily my dad was able to take her. She came home and was glowing!!! We cried together as she showed me all the AMAZING things she got there but the one thing that made us both cry even harder was you giving her your OWN BIBLE!!!! You have touched my daughter majorly her name is __________. I will like I said write more later and share a little about her but THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR GIVING HER SOMETHING SO AMAZING AND FOR TOUCHING HER SOUL IN THE WAY THAT YOU HAVE!!!

(Laurie – School staff) – “Brian does not sugar coat or put fluffy words out there about what drugs will do to you. He is an outstanding speaker every school should hear!”

(Janelle – a student) – “Hello! My name is Janelle, and I just wanted to thank you for speaking at our school. The things / experiences you have shared have left an impact on me.”


Waupun School

(Jessica Mueller – Waupun School Counselor) – “I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our 7-12th grade students at Waupun Junior/Senior High School. You were real yet professional which allowed students to relate to you. The struggles you shared when you were a teen are some of the same struggles some of our students have daily.  You held the attention of adolescent students for 90 minutes which isn’t an easy task. You hit home for so many and we appreciated you taking your time to share your message.  On behalf of the Waupun Area School District, we want to thank you and let you know that we are grateful for people like you that take the time to try and influence students and their decisions”. -Jessica Mueller

(Brayden, a student) – “Thank you for speaking at our school today and at youth group last night. You had a great message both times and what you are doing is an amazing thing. I hope God continues to bless you!”

(Sarah, a teachers aid) – “I would just like to thank you for speaking to us today at Waupun High School! I am an aide in the EBD room and work with kiddos who are experimenting! Your story really was amazing and I hope it touches some of there lives. Thank you again you are a true inspiration”

(Sarah, and attendee) – “Thank you again for coming to talk about Waupun High school. I found myself praying for you as you told your story. You are so real and relate able. It touched my heart how many kids came down to talk to you and open up there hearts to you. God worked through you in so many ways today. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to open your heart and let God speak through you even in a public school. it was awesome to hear a student open it up with a question so you could share your faith a little. I was touched so much by your bully part of your talk. Even as adults we get bullied sometimes. Being in a wheelchair leaves that pretty open. I am one that doesn’t let it bother me too much. I am a what you see is what you get person. I have had a rough week, I started a fleece blanket small business and have not had much encouragement from family with it. I have a craft fair coming up and have had some say I have spent to much money on making them and I will be lucky if I sell one. I have felt really defeated and no questioning if this is God’s will or not. Then of course you question everything you do and say to people. I have shed so many tears and just feel bullied by my own family. Could you please keep this in your prayers.  Thank you again for today, wish you lived closer I would love to meet your family and have a chance to sit and talk and get to know you more. God Bless.”

(Curtis, a student) – “Hey Brian this is Curtis from waupun middle school and your story really touched my heart in good way, and I will never forget that story you said it was inspiring.”

(Parent of one of the students) – “You gave my daughter a geode today, and a hug, Thank you. Your words of wisdom and sharing your journey are greatly appreciated♡ huge impact.”

(Tori, a student) – “Thank you for coming. And I’m proud to be a part of that school who gave you that standing ovation. You’re an amazing man thank you!”

(A student) – “Thank you for coming to Waupun to speak, I’m working on. Quitting smoking because of you.”

(Sarah, one of the students parents) – “Hearing Brian’s story this week at my sons school was an eye opener. You could hear a pin drop in a gym of 700 public school kids. It was awesome to see them all giving him a standing ovation and seeing so many going to talk to him with their story after. Brian you touch everyone you come in contact with the love of Jesus.”

(From a student) – “Dear Brian Cole, You came to my school the other week. (Waupun Junior-Senior High School) I have never really thought how serious things could get from one small thing. You have really helped me think about my decisions and life. You are very inspirational. Your presentation made me tear up. I think it’s amazing how God and Jesus saved you. I have always worried about the future and high school and all the things that could happen but you taught me how to make good decisions and remember consequences. I have thought about horrible things like suicide and I realized every day is a gift. I just want to say thank you so much.”



(Laurie Brown – Cumberland School) – “Thank you Brian for your message. The students who surrounded you at the end said it all. They wanted more and they would have sat there all day to listen had you had the time. Every school needs to hear Brian’s words. He is an emotional speaker and it comes from his heart. Brian will deliver to the students and they will absorb like sponges his words. Please continue your hard work Brian. You are very much appreciated and you words are teaching words.”

(Arlaina Meyer – Teacher)- “My name is Arlaina Meyer and I am a teacher at Cumberland High School. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our school and share your story of hope with our staff and students! You truly made a positive difference today and I am confident that your life brings God glory! Thank you!”

(William, a student) – “Hey I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Cumberland. I am a Sophomore and I was hanging out with some of the wrong people during the summer and I was doing some bad crap but quit before school started. I almost went back to that a few days ago but your talk helped me and made sure I didn’t. Thank you”

(Mother of a student) – “My daughter told me that you came and spoke at her school, Cumberland High, the other day.  Thank you!  She was truly moved and hopes that what you said sunk in with some of her friends and classmates.”



(A student, Christopher) – “Thank you for attending our school and giving us your story about your life it was a game changer for me.”

(Augusta School Counselor) – ” Brian was AMAZING! Seriously the best speaker I have ever heard. Thank you so much for recommending him. The students were blown away.”

(This was sent to me from the counselor) – “I have to share this with you… After you came and spoke today, a bunch of students got together and wrote these messages on post-it notes and placed them all over the school, on people’s lockers, gave them to people, etc. I didn’t get a great picture of the wall but earlier in the day the whole cafeteria wall was covered and people have been taking them and giving them to others and placing them around the school. This was completely unprovoked by any adult – the kids really heard what you had to say and did this all on their own. Incredible.” What follows are pictures of post-it notes around the school and on lockers telling people they are masterpieces,  and other notes of encouragement!!


Spooner Outreach

(Dee) – Hi Brian! I have an amazing God thing to share with you. Last time you were in Spooner my son was too young to see you. He was in the presentation yesterday though. He was thinking of his Uncle Mike (my brother) the whole time as my son has witnessed some of the tears and fears of being related to an addict. Anyway- all afternoon I had missed calls from an unknown number. After work I listened to the message, it was a sober, fully alive Mike who is in detox and waiting for a bed in treatment….willingly! We celebrated all night with such joy. Tonight at dinner, my son _______ told the story of how your speech impacted him, how he stood up for his Uncle at the beginning and prayed for him throughout the talk. It’s just another miracle and for our 7th grade son to experience it is an added blessing. My brother called again tonight to apologize to my husband for some things he said a few months ago on facebook to him. We are believing and praying for true sobriety this time. Thank you for your impact!”

(Shelly) – “My daughter and grandsons were there and she spoke with you after. She said it was absolutely awesome! The boys were very interested in your testimony. The older grandson saw you at the middle school also.”

(Rachel) – “Pastor Brian Cole thank you for conning to Spooner to share your life with all of us. You deeply touched my heart and my life. Our God is a awesome incredible God. You are a beautiful witness to the Prodigal son story in our holy Bible. Please know that I am praying for you and for your ministry. God bless you always and forever. Prayers love and hugs.”

(Rana) – “My boys really enjoyed the music but most of all my teenager was shocked at how much you’d went thru and now are living for God. He has medical struggles of his own and even though you and him were on different paths he seems to be drawn to people that have struggled. I think it makes him feel so not alone in his daily medical struggles. If any of that makes sense  Thank you.”



(Dave King, Field Manager, Nashville, Tn. Gideon) – “Brother Brian, What a blessing you are to so many Gideons and Auxiliary.  Your presence and sharing at the Arkansas Convention made a tremendous impact on our lives.    What a great way for the Lord to say through you, “Keep up the eternal work I have laid before you”.   You certainly are making a difference for eternity.  May there be many souls in heaven due to your testimony and your faithful servant pastor work.”



(One of the parents of a student) – I would like to thank you for coming.  My 7th grader from flambeau was moved by your message.  He has been struggling with bullying and thoughts of suicide.  We have him in christian counseling and he has alot of support, but the devil is on the attack as always.  fyi I also enjoyed your message.  I am a former Probation Agent for the State of WI.  I can tell you the only true reform I saw was those that were truly saved by God’s grace.  I quit in 2012 and now conduct alternative PSI’s for defense attorneys.  It is amazing how many times God opens the door for me when interviewing clients in the jail. God’s speed brother!”

(Lindsey, a student) – “You have impacted my life so much,  I’ve decided for the better to cut the negativity out of my life, I need to focus on myself and lift my own self esteem up thank-you for showing me the way out of the darkness that I was in I appreciate it and the words you said to me meant a lot. I told my dad about u and he even started balling so u didn’t just impact me you impacted my father and you have lead us down the paths we should have been on years ago.”

(A student) – “The day I met him, I was just beginning 9th grade (now I’m beginning 10th grade) and he came too our school and did a speech on bullying, I was sitting right next to my best friend in the gym on the first set of bleachers and he was telling a story where this one silent guy in the crowd was bullied so much at school where he actually wanted too kill himself and Brian’s speech saved his life and over half of the students in the bleachers started crying, right after the story I say too my best friend “sounds like me in a way, I’m the silent girl in the crowd who gets bullied so much I want too kill myself”, and it’s weird, because earlier that day I was actually having thoughts of “oh when I get home and everyone’s asleep, I swear I might kill myself if I get even 1 comment of someone bullying me” then people bullied me during lunch and I went home wanting too kill myself, then I remember Brian’s speech and stopped what I was doing and honestly? I don’t know if it was a miracle or what, but I swear, Brian came too my school the correct timing and all, later resulting in saving my life. And I hope he returns too my school again this year too do another bullying speech.”



“Hi Brian, I just want to share a quick testimony with you. My husband (Korey), myself and a friend of ours went through your Almond Tree training at Highland Church in Plover. We did this to know how to better help Korey’s brother and his alcoholism. There for a while it got really tough to show him we loved him, but we were not going to support his bad choices. He ended up living in a tent on some land behind our house. He lost his job, his girlfriend kicked him out, his kids wanted nothing to do with him. We let him stay in this tent, told him we loved him, but we would not support any of these bad choices he was making. Long story short, he ended up in jail, was sent to a recovery center in Madison and at that point realized he had lost everything. The testimony … he’s been sober for over 5 months now, has an amazing job, has a home and God has restored him to his children and has restored our family relationship. We had a first time ever Winters family picture from this Easter taken. For some reason I can’t attach it (?). We had the absolute best day together! God is good!! Thank you for your teaching. We applied every bit of it to help walk this out and not lose hope. God bless you!”



(Sariah, one of the youth) – “I got to meet Brian Cole, he’s a really amazing guy and I’m glad I got to meet him sure he’s done so bad but he’s really turned his life around and is now going out and telling his story. I personally got to talk to him and he gave me a quartz cause of how people see you on the outside and judge you by the ugly and everything but on the inside your beautiful etc, I told him how I’m going to treatment for self mutilation and suicidal and depression and he gave me a bible along with his personal number if I ever wanted to call and talk to him or his wife. He’s his own pastor to a church in Drummond and I’m so happy for him and glad he’s going around telling his story of overcoming addiction.” From Sariah’s mom: “Brian Cole I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for all that you said and did coming and talking today in bloomer. I can’t stop crying I’m so THANKFUL for my dad Duane Wallsch also for taking her as I couldn’t!! THANK YOU THANK YOU BRIAN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  my daughter Sariah had such a great time and REALLY thought it was AMAZING how you took sometime and talked to her one on one. She has been talking about you and sharing things about you since she came home last night. She has asked every single person that she talks to if they know or have seen you. She is looking forward to seeing you again… AGAIN THANK YOU -Mom”

(From one of the Mother’s present) – “Brian Cole I can’t thank you enough for last night. I had 3 of my boys and the neighbor girl there. I wish it was longer. God Bless you and all that you are doing!
Thank you Rebecca for being such a Godly woman and inviting us!”

(Adam, one of the youth leaders present) – “Just wanted to thank you again for last Wednesday night’s service in Bloomer. It was powerful and struck a chord in the youth and leaders alike. You are appreciated by many! I encourage you to keep up the service to our Lord.”



(ONE OF THE ATTENDEES) – “Thank you Jesus because you through your Love, Forgiveness, you transform, restore and Never leaves us, or gives up on us, but “Pursues” us. I heard his testimony last night at the Hope Gospel Ministry Banquet. Great food, people, ministry, but Brian Cole’s testimony was the highest blessing to my heart. The Lord Never turned His back on him. But with open arms waited for him. That’s how great our God shows His love and wants a relationship with each of us. Through Jesus Christ.”



(One of the Attendees) – “Thank you Brian! You were amazing today.  Your message is a message that hits home no matter the cause of your own personal brokenness.  God bless.”

(One of the Attendees) – “I can’t thank you enough the rock you gave me was amazing the message humbling and your prayer with me’s inspiring and filled with unconditional love. I have asked that question to many pastors in over 30 years if healing and walking with Jesus . .You Brian Cole pastor and messenger of Jesus  love. 🙂 follower of Christ.  You are the only one who answered it. I will call your wife and appreciate and feel blessed to cross your path hear your testimony. So thank you just for being real and you !! A authentic soul. !!!”



(One of the Attendees) – “Thank you for putting your words out into the school last night. I am a 58 year old recently separated after 40 years with my husband, woman, who believes that the word needs to be said out loud.That way there’s no mistake that the Devil didn’t hear God’s Name and intent.You know he takes the lowest to become his loudest messengers. Like Paul, like you. I love that you will never quit God. He won’t quit us, we can hold on to that every day.I walked away from everything I had, ” for the will of God”. I’ve never felt so close to God and so free in my life. 6 years a Christian, and I’m​never looking back.”

(One of the Attendees) – “Thank you for your  amazing message of hope. It was exactly what I needed at the end of a long week.”



(ONE OF THE ATTENDEES) – “It was so nice meeting you, you are so amazing, your story has inspired me to always follow god.”

(ONE OF THE ATTENDEES) – “You got the anointing brother and hearing you speak has certainly inspired me and set me free from something oppressing me, just by praying up there for everyone. I’ll keep praying that you continue to have an overpowering fullness,  of the Holy Spirit and many blessings Brian Cole! Thanks man! :)”

(ONE OF THE ATTENDEES) – “Hello I attended church this evening in Calumet. Thank you very much for sharing your story. I truly believe that God sent me there this evening. Early this morning i was speaking with my 15 yr old son about his oldest adult brother about how we are watching him slowly kill himself hes an addict. And how much its killing us. And we don’t know what to do anymore. We are lost. We were so upset we both just stopped talking. I picked up my phone and went to facebook while thinking to myself God help us please just help us. And the third post i saw was that you were going to be at that church. I looked you up on youtube and I cried. I’m a recovering alcoholic. And my 25 year old son shoots up meth, heroin and anything he can. He no longer lives with us but even his 13 yr old sister knows what dope sick looks like. The other day he broke down crying and said, mama everyday i have to put a needle in my arm and i cant stop. He said he doesn’t want to do it anymore he wants it to stop he Wants to die. Then later that day i saw him briefly and he was high and back on the hustle. He overdosed on heroin a year and a half ago. Hes so much healthier and he’s himself when he’s in jail. I feel so bad saying that but its true. So very much of what you said tonight was like you were talking about our life. I am so sorry to tell you all of this. I’ve learned through out the years to keep my mouth shut. But i just needed to tell you that you touched my heart. And when you gave my niece that i am raising that stone you touched her heart too. Thank you. I had to get her home so I didn’t get to talk to you in person. I was hoping tonight that i would walk out with the “answer” i’m still so confused but i no longer feel alone.”

(FROM ONE OF THE ATTENDEES) – “Was very blessed to hear Pastor Brain Cole’s testimony at North Iron Church tonight and thank you North Iron and the Celebrate Recovery Group for all your hospitality!”

(FROM ONE OF THE ATTENDEES) – “This guy rocks ! Thank you for your visit and motivational speak Brain Cole! If you people haven’t heard this guy speak, I suggest you do! Awesome night filled with the holy spirit ! Thank you Jesus for bringing him to our State and near enough so we could travel there to see him and be with him tonight!☺”



(One of the Students) – “Hey, Brian its xxxxxx. I just really wanted to thank you for such a powerful and uplifting story. As I realized the first time you spoke I related in a way or two. I’ve been getting bullied for nine years now. Last year carrying on to this year I had received multiple death threats. All I could think was why someone who wouldn’t hurt a soul. I found out that this was hurting me more than intended. I got an eating disorder. I attempted to overdose. And I tried to commit suicide. Every time I didn’t have the strength to get any further I came out alive. During this time I started getting depressed and blamed everything on myself. I had a constant fear of going into public because id think that it would happen more and more. This weekend really moved me to a better place. Before I just put Jesus there when I needed help he was a go to. On the first of April this year God gave me the strength to do something I never thought I would. I took the leap to give him all of my control. Honestly that night was hard I couldn’t sleep because I thought that I would miss something I didn’t feel or see before. The week before camp I just wanted to give up. I tried to talk to people they would just tell me to talk to my parents or to not listen to them. All I need is someone to talk to. I just need someone who can understand what i’m going through.  Today I was so apologetic  towards things id normally would not have. God has just really giving me strength. Thank you Brian.”



(From one of the young female attendees) – “Hey! Sorry for messaging you on here I’m just not into the whole emailing thing or calling really haha. I wanna say thank you for coming and speaking today!
Not only do I not have many friends.. but I think I have some depression and I have thought of self harm because sometimes I feel like I’m worthless. Now no one knows that.. not even my family. I try to keep it to myself try to hide it to avoid having people ask me questions and such…One thing i wanna do is become more involved in church and with god in general. I want him to be in my life. But I’m not quite sure how to start it.. I don’t think I can just sit down and read the Bible. Would you have any suggestions or anything? I just want freedom and I want to not feel this way anymore. And I wanna learn more about god. And the Bible in general. And from your presentation I know that to worship and love god and Jesus is the first step to get to that point. Like I said before I greatly appreciate you sharing your story and talking not just today but in general. You’re amazing! And I’m pretty sure you have just changed my life.”

(The mother of one of the young women that gave her life to the Lord) – “Brian, I’m so Happy God directed me to ask XXXXX to come see you!!! She has been denying God is real and that hurt me! She blamed Him for her miscarriage and I said No it was because of the drugs . She will be 21 on May 25, I pray treatment goes well! Thank you again!!!!”

(An individual who attended) – “Thank you so much for speaking. I had 4 of my teens there and we were all impacted. Glory to God!”

(An individual who attended) – “Everyone should go see him!!! He was so amazing to see and impacted me a lot with his words!! Thank you so much Brian Cole you are one true inspiration and such an amazing person!!! I’m so happy I got the blessing to meet you!!”



(From a student) – “Thank you Brian Cole for that presentation that really touched me I needed​ that for all the stuff that I went through thank u so much I hope to see u again.”

(From a student) -” Maybe you don’t remember me haha! That’s fine, I understand since you know just about everyone! Haha! We met at Fusion Bible camp in 2015 I think. You were a leader on my sports team, I was a bit different back then and really insecure. But you bought me ice cream and was the first person from the camp to actually talk to me like a real person. Anyway it was nice to see you again and I hope to make it to Shell Lake for the Prison Ministry meeting. Thanks for inspiring our school!”

(From a student) – “Hi, this is Kenna! I talked to you earlier. It was wonderful talking with you. And I appreciate you coming here today. I appreciate that so much. And I’m so proud of you for overcoming your addiction. I still struggle with my addiction. But I ‘ve overcome so much because of people like you who I can relate to, and encourage me to do better. I just wanted to say thank you so much. You are a wonderful person.”

(From a student) – “I just want to thank you so much for coming in and talking to us about everything that you have gone through and how you over came it. I am the Spooner student that at the end told you about my sisters addiction problems and me not knowing how to talk to her.”

(From a Teacher) – “Thank you Brian for sharing your testimony with our kids! WOW! How your words and heart can change someone’s life! May you continue to be inspired as we are inspired by you! God Bless you and keep going strong talking to our kids!”

(From a parent) – “My daughter loved every minute of your testimony that I had to find you on YouTube to watch for myself. So powerful! God is so Good! Thank you for sharing your story. God is doing amazing things through you. Outreach is what we need so more of the broken need to know how loved they truly are!! Thank you from a Spooner High school Mom!!!”

(From a student) – “Hey Brian! You did a presentation at my school recently, and I didn’t get to thank you. I just want people to know that I know what it is like, and I want to say sorry for anyone who has to go through that. No one should have to go through that. I also wanted to add that it does affect others that are close to you. It affects them A LOT. Anyways I just want to thank you for the presentation, and I wish you the best of luck.”



(Jessi, a student) – “The day I met him, I was just beginning 9th grade (now I’m beginning 10th grade) and he came too our school and did a speech on bullying, I was sitting right next to my best friend in the gym on the first set of bleachers and he was telling a story where this one silent guy in the crowd was bullied so much at school where he actually wanted too kill himself and Brian’s speech saved his life and over half of the students in the bleachers started crying, right after the story I say too my best friend “sounds like me in a way, I’m the silent girl in the crowd who gets bullied so much I want too kill myself”, and it’s weird, because earlier that day I was actually having thoughts of “oh when I get home and everyone’s asleep, I swear I might kill myself if I get even 1 comment of someone bullying me” then people bullied me during lunch and I went home wanting too kill myself, then I remember Brian’s speech and stopped what I was doing and honestly? I don’t know if it was a miracle or what, but I swear, Brian came too my school the correct timing and all, later resulting in saving my life. And I hope he returns too my school again this year too do another bullying speech.”



(From one of the female attendees) – “I was at the meth meeting the other night & first just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, it truly touched me. As a recovering addict myself (still fighting the system for my children to be returned) I just really feel as though you & your story needs to get out there. Our community needs to hear the real dangers of this awful drug. I also want to commend you for speaking out on the “shaming” that addicts receive. My fiance just made the news for his prison sentence (meth related) the ammount of horrible awful things people wrote was disturbing. It was absolutely disgusting not just because he’s my loved one but because he’s a person. Nobody decides to be a drug addict & I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for addressing it. Keep up the great work. #Godbless”



(FROM ONE OF THE STUDENTS) – “I loved your speech today it put a huge impact on how I think about people caring … I was wondering if you could help me out maybe?”

(FROM ONE VISITORS) – “Brian, I was at the school today and wanted you to know that your story is on of hope.  My son David has struggled for 13 years with Meth addiction and after 4 years of being clean relapsed and lost everything in one short year.  He is now in New Lisbon prison and really seems to be focused on getting his life back.  I now have become very involved with helping other familes that have felt the pain of addiction and hope what I do will make a difference like I know you are.  God Bless, Shelley Faul”

(A Student) – “Thank you so much for covering that topic!! In this time for the state this is what we need. me and parents have talked about that stuff we my brother in the past. I just have one question…when and how did you know that Jesus loved you? Cause I have been felling distant with him but I don’t want to be. Your speech was just amazing and thank you for covering that topic when some others were scared.Please answer back! Thank You.”

(A Student) – “Hey Brian! My name is XXXXXXX. I am a student from Northwood school in Minong
Wisconsin. I never got to thank you for the presentation. I was to busy crying. This topic in general really hit home for me because my dad passed away in 2014 due to drug and alcohol use.He was in and out of prison for
most of my infant life… and he was actually in prison when I was born. And I think you’re right… it does affect others, that you are related/close to. I was only 10 when he died so I didn’t know what to do. I
also can relate to the abuse. My dad married a woman, named XXXXXXXX. She was okay at first… but when I was like seven-ish she started to abuse me and my twin brother, over the years it got worse. CPS was called many
times, and I would lie to them in fear of being hurt, and because she “brainwashed” me. I had no idea any of this was happening until about a year after my dad died, when my real mom snapped me out of it. I stopped
defending XXXXXXX and I started to realize how bad it was. I really like what you said about the geode thing… My dad wasn’t necessarily a bad person, he just got into the wrong things, and hung out with the wrong
people. People shouldn’t have to go through that kind of experience… it hurts people, more than it helps them.
Thank You again for coming to our school, I wish you the best of luck.”

(A Teacher) – I”‘d like to personally thank you again for the real talk presentation that you and Chris gave our students on Wednesday.  It’s a battle for sure and having you speak from a dealers perspective was huge.  I teach the virtual and alternative middle and high school students here at school and I have kiddos who struggle with substance abuse.  We’ve been talking about the Bikers Against Bullying here in our room and that’s something that’s really an interest to them.  We’d like to get involved and I know the experience of being around positive people and doing good in our community strengthens their resolve to strive for a cleaner life.  My heart is with these kids every day we’re together and I’m committed to doing anything I can to keep introducing positive experiences and people into their lives.”  



(Recommendation from Burnett County Prevention Coalition) – “To whom it may concern: I am writing in regards to Brian Cole. Brian graciously traveled to our county and spoke to the youth at our 3 school districts. His presentation is concerning his life’s journey through addiction to recovery. It’s not a pretty journey, but it is his, and it is quite powerful. Brian has the ability to tailor his presentation depending on the audience, and is very open to feedback.I would highly recommend Brian for presentations regarding substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery. He is knowledgeable, honest, thoughtful, and passionate. I have been in the Prevention field for just under 8 years, have had many speakers address our youth, and attended presentations in other communities, conferences and forums; Brian was able to hold the attention of teenage children, very well, and that is not an easy undertaking. Often youth believe that adults don’t understand the struggles as it pertains to pressures, fitting in, and use. Brian was able to connect with them on all those levels. Prevention is hard to measure, but we do the work so that if we can save at least one we are on the path to better. Brian is a great person to add to that team.” Lilliam Pinero, PSIT, BCPC Grant and Coalition Coordinator

(From Rich) – “Hi Brian, my 3 children go to school in Webster, thank you for the time you spent with them today.
Thanks for all that you are doing. We watched your live feed here at home Tonight. I have made many life changes myself, I’ve lived the struggle with many things in my life as well. I was in Lincoln Hills in Irma Wi 3xs as a 15 year old until I was almost 18, made my way up to the big leagues a few years later, got out, made some changes, and have been living life ever since.”

(From a Student) – “Hi I listened to your story today when you were at Webster. My name is XXXX, I’m 16 years old. Your story really inspired me, and you made me realize there is always hope. Last year, I went through some major depression problems and had thoughts of suicide. Your speech really touched me, and I just wanted to say thank you ☺”

(From a Student) – “Hi I was one of the students you spoke too at Webster high school today and I would just like to say thank you! What your doing is really touching our community, I have never seen a speaker impact our students as much as you have. A little over two years ago I went through a very rough patch that landed me in a group home for about three months. I was smoking and popping pills and getting drunk almost every night, barley made it to school. Your story really hit home with me. Thank you again so much! I would really like to attend one of your services! God bless and have a nice night.”

(From a Student) – “Hello I’m XXXXX, now I usually wouldn’t say this to someone because I’m usually the tough guy but hearing you today really honestly made me tear up and has made me think twice of drinking and smoking pot because I have been smoking for 4-5 months now but I really don’t ever wanna do that anymore after hearing you… so thank you for opening my eyes and seeing the world from a drug free perspective(:”

(From a Student) – “So i really heard your motivational speech yesterday and i talked with the school counselor about things that are going on in my life and I was wondering if u could give me advice.”

(From a Student) – “hey brother…. very inspiring speech you gave yesterday. I was actually amazed at your whole life story.”

From a Student) – “My name is XXXXX. I recently saw a video of yours online from when you spoke at Webster High School. I am originally from Siren near Webster.  I wasn’t able to watch your entire video but plan to try and finish it. I loved the few minutes I did see of it.  I am reaching out to you because I have a friend who is a drug addict. His drug of choice is meth. He I’d currently trying to get into treatment somewhere but hasn’t gotten very far with it. He doesn’t have any money because he isn’t working and he has no one to help with money. I just wanted to see if you have any resources or could point me in the right direction to get him the help he needs?  I am so glad that you are doing what you do. We need more people like you to help our youth. Keep up the awesome work! I hope I hear from you soon!”
(From a Student) – “Your speech (or life story) really hit me hard. I believe that you are a walking miracle. Somebody in Heaven was really looking over you. You helped me understand that even though someone looks bad on the outside they are still good people on the inside. Everybody makes mistakes and even though i dont know you, i am proud of you for overcoming your mistakes and finding a better life. Your presentation has made you one of my idols. I know that no matter what happens i can overcome it as long as i believe in myself. I just want you to know that you also made my day by sending a friend request and giving me your card to call you (which i have not done yet-ive been really busy- but i will do). Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.”
(From a student) – “Hello Brian! I know you don’t know me. But I listened to your story you shared at the school. Someone tagged me in it on facebook. It is truly inspiring & just goes to show God is Great. He can change anyone’s life. I would really like to meet you someday! I have a few questions. & somethings I  would love to share with you.
Thank you again for sharing that story that touched my heart so deeply. Because of that, i am ready to change my life. I want to let God change me like He did you.”



(From Savanna) – “Thank you so much for everything today. I had so much with you today and learned so much. You are such an amazing and inspirational man. Thanks for sharing your testimony with me. And a big thank you for baptizing me?.”


(From Norm Giese, organizer of the event) – “Many people continue to be impacted, and after all the slips were gathered, there were 15 re-dedications and 2 salvation’s. Thank you.”



(From Austin, a student) –  “I wish there was more time last night because I could have listened to u for hours because you were truly amazing I like your license plate also on your car I didn’t notice that until I walked out to leave.”

(From one of the parents/leaders) – “Dear Brian, Again, I just wanted to thank you for coming to speak to our group last night. I am so grateful for your courage and willingness to be used in this way. It is evident that you are a changed man. My husband Nathan, whom you also met last night has worked in the criminal justice field for a number of years and when you mentioned the skepticism of the prison guards and staff in your town, he could relate and understand that. But as you spoke, he saw the truth in your words. He saw your vulnerability and Christ in you. Nathan could tell that there truly was miraculous CHANGE that had occurred in your life- Praise God! He was left feeling amazed and thankful for your testimony. People who work in law enforcement can be left feeling hopeless and hardened that people cannot be rehabilitated or change for the better. But you are proof of what God’s love and grace can do in a person’s life. You give hope!  I have also heard from several parents already that their children were grateful impacted by your story. Be encouraged that God is using you in mighty ways! Keep living for HIM!”

(From a parent) – “My youngest came home so moved.  Thank you everyone.IMG_9700

(From one of the Leaders) – “I’ve heard from several students already who were impacted in a positive way. Thank you Chris and Brian Cole for putting on this event!”

(From one of the Leaders, Michelle Lynch) – “You were in St. Croix Falls last night for reasons only God knows and I thank you with all my heart for driving through a snowstorm to be here. You planted important seeds, soul-saving seeds, in many hearts that needed to hear your story and how MUCH  GOD LOVES THEM NO MATTER WHAT! But they have that choice…..and I am praying with every fiber in my being God works through and in everyone who hears your story to turn to His Word, choose HIM as Lord of their lives. My husband has multiple medical/health/emotional issues facing him and praise God he worked through the pain to come and hear you! He really needed that and needed to hear those very powerful scriptures you shared. I am praying a physical AND spiritual miracle over him. And you are now are part of that. Thank you Brian, thank you God for Brian and his life, bless you brother!”

(From one of the students, Ashlyn) –  “your message was incredible thanks for speaking to us touched alot of us including me.”

First Positions Dance Event “Temporary Home”

IMG_1774 (2)_marked

(Speaking at the “Temporary Home” dance event for “First Positions Dance Studio.” This is from a student.) – “Hi Brian. My name is Brooke. I attended Talyn’s dance show this weekend and I have to say that your message has changed me and has really made me think. This past week, things have been really hard for me. I have considered running away and I attempted it and there has been so much happening with my parents and family and school. I know that God is here but I doubt Him a lot and I know that I shouldn’t. I have gotten into alcohol and started hanging out with the “druggies” at my school because that’s where I feel accepted. I know that I can go far in life if I try, but right now is a low point in my life, and I’m trying to get my life back to normal, but my parents make it really hard on me. During your message, I was in tears the whole time and felt that your message was directed at me. It really made me think a lot and was such a cool message. I just wanted to let you know that your message was really helpful and should be shared with everyone. Thank you so much Brian.”

(From another student at the “First Positions” event.) – “Thank you so much for speaking at the dance the other week, even though your mom was in the hospital! It was really inspiring to listen to you talk about your faith. You have made me thing alot, made me go back and fix a few things that I wanted to forget or blame someone else for. Thank you! Keep on doing what you are doing. You are changing the world little by little!” Kali

(From the Owner of the First Positions Dance Studio – Talyn McKinley) – “There is so much I could say about this picture. It wouldn’t do IMG_1891_markedjustice to how I really feel about this incredible man and his family in my life! We needed a speaker to speak at out Temporary Home event in May and had someone already lined up and not even a month before the show…that speaker wasn’t able to do it anymore. I was extremely overwhelmed at the fact we had no speaker. My mom and I went to coffee that day and I cried to her (almost whined to her) about how sucky this was. She of course told me not to worry and God would bring someone that would be perfect for the show. She of course, as always, was right. We started asking around and that is when Mark Halvorson (of WWIB radio) shared about a man named Brian Cole who had served x amount of years in prison, was a former satanist, and was into massive amounts of drugs until the Lord got hold of him and his life has never been the same. To be honest, my first reaction was…”What! God seriously!”  My mind was narrow and my faith was small. I couldn’t picture this man who lived this life to be the speaker for our dance performance. But for whatever reason I stepped out in faith and contacted Brian. I must say, I am a fool to think God isn’t anything but the master at putting the pieces together. My life has been radically impacted by this man and the life he has lived. He was the PERFECT fit to our show and to the life of First Position. He was such a blessing to have with us that weekend and he became my greatest support and most wonderful friend. Brian, you have changed my view on the world around me and showed me that there are people out there that are truly living the Gospel of Christ. 2015 resolution: Meet new friends…check!”

(An attendee, Kali) – “Thank you so much for speaking at the dance the other week, even though your mom was in the hospital! It was really inspiring to listen to you talk about you’re faith. You have made me think a lot, made me go back and fix a few things that I wanted to forget or blame someone else for. Thank you! Keep doing what you are doing. You are changing the world little by little!”

 (Street preaching from the rooftop of a local business) – “Good morning Brian, I met you yesterday at the Living Room Coffee House. My name is JD and I am CC daughter. The lady I brought with me was deaf and really enjoyed meeting you and attending the event. She showed me pictures she took this morning and kept telling me she liked you and had fun at the event. She was pretty excited that you signed to her, thank you for that! I really feel like you are someone that alot of people can connect with. Thank you for your time! Thank you for what you do to serve the Lord, you are reaching many! God Bless!”


(Speaking at the Red Cedar Youth Group In Rice lake, WI) – “Was so happy last night at Church. Brian Cole came in and spoke to us, he touched us very much and I cried like 3 times during the session. He really made an impact on me and my best friend (D) who he gave a bracelet to. She’s a tough girl and never cried until last night. Thank you so much Brian, we appreciate it!”

(Students I get the Honor of working alongside!) –944931_10200981253844279_1863540961_n

(Alana) – “Brian, you are so awesome I can’t even explain it! You’re such an inspiration and motivation for me. You have taught me so much more about God than I thought I could ever learn. Honestly at first I didn’t want to come to youth group but then my parents made me and I’m so glad that they did because otherwise I probably would still be struggling with tons of depression till this day. You’re an amazing Pastor and you’re such a cool guy and a great friend. You’ve been such a help to me and everyone else that goes to our youth group and I love how you’re not afraid to speak and tell us everything about yourself. Talking to you just makes me feel so much better and you always put a smile on my face and it’s so great.  love you and you’re like a third dad to me (God, and my biological dad), you’re always there for everyone and that’s wonderful and so kind of you to do! Thanks for everything.”

(Ryley, a student I got to work with when a Youth leader at CVBC) – “truth is.. Brian, what can I say, your probably one of the coolest people I know, your such a great influence and your life story amazes me, and encourages me to not give up. Stay strong bro. Hope to see you around!”

(Casey Z.) – “Brian Your SO AWESOME! I’m so happy I met you and got to know you! You changed my life bro. I know I was pretty quiet on Monday, but I was just taking in all that information which you probably like when people sit down and shut up. Really, I was falling apart but no one could see and you helped me get my life back together even though you probably didn’t even know that. You really are a blessing to us teenagers. You were sent to us for a reason which I’m so happy for! Thanks for everything! You always almost make me cry when you talk about stuff or get me to talk about life, but I needed to get some of that out so I hope you didn’t mind me blah blah blah about stuff the other day. I love you Brian thanks for everything!”

(Ashley) – “Truth is, Brian, your amazing. You’ve helped me so much. You helped me to find God, you’ve taught me some life lessons when I was upset about my grandma passing away. I have a friend who was thinking about suicide. He told me that since I believe in God he asked if I would pray for him. I also talked to him as if I was talking to you. Now he is doing better. He got a Bible and started reading it. n he is just happier. All thanks to you. You really do help people Brian. Your just awesome!! Marsha is pretty awesome too!!”

(Jenna D.) – “Talk about life changing. DO NOT ever tell me God can’t save someone! Brian, your story has inspired me to keep pressing on and keep going even when it gets hard. Because not only does God have huge plans for me, but also everyone else. I am so honored to call you friend. (1 year later)- A year ago was the first time I met you. I didn’t know how much you would help me in just a year. I didn’t realize that these last few months you would be just the person to talk to. You have encouraged and inspired me from day one and I have never been more thankful to meet an awesome, crazy youth Pastor like you. You’ve walked me through some deep things. Thank you Pastor Brian.”

(A.W.) – “Oh where to start, I just really want to give a huge shout out to my amazing youth pastor Brian Cole, you mean the world to me. With out ever meeting you or going to youth group I would be so oh my gosh I don’t even know. Man was I going through a tuff time before I met you and it just means everything to me that your always there and you care about us and your love for us and God us so great!!! I am still going through a struggle but you and youth group are such a big help. But just thank you, your amazing and so wonderful and my faith with God has gotten so much greater, it was almost all the way gone but is very strong now, THANK YOU!!!!”

(Shania) -” To be honest Brian, you have helped me through a lot. Whether you even knew about it or not. & we have a lot of memories. Thank you for everything you have done for my family, me, & just us youth in general. You’ve made a huge impact on my life.”

(Josie) – “Truth is, ohhh brian…what can I say, your the best!! You are seriously the best youth pastor ever!! Your so fun and funny and just a great person to be around!! I love how your always finding things for us kids to do and finding better ways for us to meet other people and and get involved and become closer as a group! I feel bad that I can never make it to the youth groups but I’m really trying!!! Well anywho I really like the motorcycle ride you gave me and I’m hoping to see you soon!!! Hope you have a good weekend!:)”

(Alana) – “This is really hard. I never thought I would have to do this. About 3 years ago, I started coming to youth group, and I met Brian Cole. He was really welcoming and kind and definitely loved God. I was awkward and uncomfortable at first because I didn’t know anyone! But after a few months, I became okay. If you didn’t know, when I first started attending youth group, and first met Brian, I struggled with depression. So it was hard, I was also young and didn’t really understand a lot of stuff he taught. But now I completely do. I have never been so strong in my faith or knowledge of Jesus. Because of Brian, and a couple others, I am where I am today, and I am as strong in Christ as I am currently, because he and others have taught me so much. I became depression free, and a strong Christian girl, because God has used people like Brian to build me up, and I am so thankful for that. I am really, really going to miss you Brian, so much. God bless you and your family as you go live in this new town, and help others grow, out of the darkness that they are in, that even I was once in. I am a living example that Brian can do it! Keep being the Jesus freak you are! I will try to keep in touch, but I will still miss you. ♡I as well as many others love you! Do great Brian? ?”

(B.S.) – “I’ll miss you Brian Cole thank you for everything you have done you are the best pastor ever I’m so lucky to have you in my life I’ve learned so much from you so thank you again for everything ❤”

(Ana) – I am so thankful for all of you! Brian brought me to my faith and you both have helped me grow all throughout high school.”

(Colleen) – “Truth is Brian,
Your the greatest pastor ever! And we’re so supportive before and after my surgery. Your a funny and great guy and I love going to youth group!  Your like family to me!  And hopefully you’ll get to see me graduate this year!! ??☝?”

(Church at the Fair 2015, from one of the attenders, Doug) –IMG_5037

 “I just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for everything you are doing for the Kingdom of God. I don’t keep up with Facebook much, but when I’m on there I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, seeing pictures of experiences with youth and your family, and most importantly seeing your fire for Jesus Christ. It’s a fire that has dwindled considerably in recent years across American Churches… I love the brutal honesty in your posts and videos. Please know that we are praying for you and the ministry God has called you to. Eternal rewards are being amassed by the Kingdom work you are doing!” -Doug


(A Photographer the Faith Riders met and found out she had Lyme’s disease and have been walking alongside her. I invited her to a Fearless Women’s conference my wife spoke at and if she would be willing to take pictures.) – “Thank you again for helping me to be able to go today – and for being a friend. I didn’t end up taking many photos today as I heard God told me to be fully present once there. You are a true light and blessing in my life! It is so easy to feel alone on our struggles, but then God reminds us by putting people like you in our lives, that we are not alone at all. It amazes me how in my lowest of lows how He places just who and what I need to keep going forward.”IMG_2123

(A friend who came out of some of the same stuff my wife and I did and have walked alongside her for 2 years now. She is now a regular attender of our Church.) – “I am thankful for  my brother in Christ, Brian Cole. He is amazing! He is a servant of God and I actually get to witness the Holy Spirit at work through him. God showed us a transformation in the form of an eclipse last night. That is how I feel and think about my brother Brian. What I saw was an amazing miracle last night and thought of God and how He uses Brian to show that to others. God chooses us all for a purpose. I love you Brian Cole. I love you God and I thank you so much for touching me and bringing this amazing disciple into my life.” Karen

(A man who was recently released from prison and who’s wife we have been ministering to for about a year) – “My faith is strong, I will never lose that! I’ve never had a stronger faith, God has touched my soul! I think about how far I have come with God pointing me in the right direction and all the things that I’ve done in my life, praying to God to show me His way. Brian Cole has helped me see some things that have brought me even closer to my faith with God and to look even closer to God. I have been in a place in my life that alot of people have been and don’t ever wanna go back. I’ve changed my whole life and started a new one for myself.” Dan

(Church Service talking about what has been happening with our youth and our next year’s vision for them) – “Very neat, impressive, rememberable, heartfelt sermon today Brian Cole, I sure hope it sinks in with everyone, I know I loved it. Great Job! Thank you, God has blessed you with the power to get through to others and He has blessed our Church with you and your family!”

(Facebook friend and visited family in the hospital) – “I have been blessed by meeting you (my wife Marsha) and your husband during this past year. You two give me hope for other people who are Christians. You are both walking the walk, even in the hard stuff. Thank you for your kindness during some really dark times, and moments where I looked around and didn’t see anyone present. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving hope when you came to Eau Claire, and I was so incredibly weary and otherwise ready to give up feeling like I could not take one more thing and all of my children lost and broke their shoes at the same time. I am blessed to know you and Brian and seeing people who really walk the walk!”    -Heather

(From a man at the House of Hope.) – “Hey, you may not remember me but you came to the House of Hope about a year ago and I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for missions. You help them save so many lives with your testimony and how the Lord got you out of what was in your past. I stayed at the House of Hope all the way up to overseer of the program before I felt the Lord leading me to go home. Thanks for adding me to your Facebook page, I read everything you post and it helps me with my walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. If a man with your past can stay as strong as you are for Him, it just confirms that I can too. Thank you again so much for spreading so much love for Jesus Christ and others that have a similar path like you.” -Michael

(From a lady I met on facebook who reached out for help dealing with her son-in-law)  – “My Son-in law has recently accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, amen, amen, amen! He is getting plugged into some good appointed and anointed mentors and Godly men for leadership and discipleship… I just know God is good everyday and in every situation. Jer. 29:11. and your personal connection about a year ago for picking up that phone n just letting a mother’s heart be heard and giving me direction in prayer, thank you Brian. I’m so appreciating your ministry and testimony and what God has taken you out of, n lifted you up and made you the man you are today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” -Angela Wilson

(Brandon, drummer of band: “End Of December) – “Truth is sir, everything that you’re doing down there for both music and the big guy is absolutely amazing. You have an absolute heart of gold and I pray to meet more people like yourself in my life.”

(Zack, a student who attended Fusion Fire) –  “I was at the full gospel in shell lake when you spoke and found your message very helpful in my spiritual journey so wanted to say thank you.”

(Rebecca Bohl, student – speaking at Ignite Bloomer) – “Listening to Brian’s testimony tonight was such an eye opener. Jesus is always going to be there for you and love you…his story is truly inspiring. Truly made me think about what exactly I’m doing with my life and he finally gave me the push I needed to fully and completely give my life to God tonight, unafraid of ridicule and free of anything but joy in Christ.”

(From an inmate at J.C.I) – “The celebration of Christ’s crucifixion is upon us, Praise God! I am writing this letter to say Thank You for your precious time, compassion, and your willingness to bring the Good News to those in need. I am forever changed by your teachings. I once lived in the darkness and now I live in the LIGHT! I die daily to the cross. As I walk, live, and work in this prison I profess to anyone I can the love Jesus has shown me.”

(From J.B., a biker coming out of the lifestyle and addictions) – ” I honestly don’t care what ppl think of me but I’ve made a choice to turn my life over to the Lord and things are turning out very good and a huge burden has been lifted of my shoulders. I now have a band of brothers at the shelter that mean the world to me and have treated me like family rite from the beginning and a big shout out to my brother in Christ Brian Cole I love you bro and thanks for all the help it means the world to me!!!! God bless everyone”

(A young man, maybe 19, I met in a flower shop on mothers day) – 
Earlier today I stopped at Ele’s Flowers in Stanley to pick up a last minute Mother’s Day gift. I picked out a vase filled with flowers and a box of chocolates (mom is a big chocolate fan ?). A man who I did not know seen me checking out and asked me if I was buying that stuff for my mom. I told him I was and he then told the florist to put my stuff on his bill. He told me “There aren’t a lot of young men who respect their mothers today the way you do. “Wanted to share this story to show there are still good people out there and also to give one last thank you to Brian Cole for such a generous act of kindness. If anyone knows this man, feel free to tag or share this with him.”

(At IGNITE youth clubs while speaking) – “I know this is kinda late but I would like to thank you for your testimony at the ignite youth group a while back!!! It changed my life know how great Gods grace really is!!! I use to be the kid who didn’t talk much and got treated like dirt by everyone and now I found God and that’s all I need.. Thank you and God bless you.” Tyler

(A funeral I spoke at of a 28 year old who died of a drug overdose) –  “Your work is truly beautiful and I admire what you do. Seeing you speak today at Chris’s funeral really moved me. My sister Alex had a child with Chris and his name is Nolan. He 7 years old. It’s scary for all of us seeing the funeral today considering that she is in the same position as him. It’s either life or death and right now she’s in that town of heck. I just hope that God can save her like he did you and many others. God bless you”

(Misc. Friend) – “ Brian your the truth and proof of Gods Truth and GRACE!!.I see his Grace in you ..you know I thought I knew what it meant GRACE..I listen to my radio to the word ..a month ago someone spoke on knowing Gods..and sharing it. I know his Grace is in me and knew that its not just for me in order for me to have it meant to share it..last night my friend told me she sees God’s grace in me in the way  I’ve handled the things happening in my life. Thats what I see in you too. Gods Grace is all over you and you share it in all you do. Amen ..I share your testimony to many that need to see n feel Gods love n Grace through you .love ya brother”

(Elaine G.) – “Hi Brian Cole, I don’t know you . But I think the work you do is a gift to many . Your going to be scrutinized because you stand on your faith, where others are ashamed to stand out in fear of not being accepted by their peers .. I was touched of how you had said that the lord put it in your heart about how you dressed . Not knowing you I had judged you on your appearance, forgive me for that, I have a lot of growing to do. Maybe there was a reason why your bike broke down maybe it was the enemy maybe you were being tested all I know it takes a person that is dedicated to what he believes to continue to put your self out there and stand on your faith . I respect that. So many say we believe and read his word and don’t allow the Holy Spirit to do what it does but rely on our own understanding. So may God continue to bless you and protect you from those who mean you harm in word or deed ., God is in control.. Have a great day and thanks ..”

(From Shane Sapp, Bikers For Christ Member and Facebook friend) – “Brian, I have got to tell you something.  You and I are friends on Facebook, I’m not sure why because I have never met you, but what I have done is follow you and watch your actions, your posts, your ministry.  I am impressed, I am humbled, I am honored to be a friend, even if it is just a distant FB friend.  I ride with Bikers for Christ in North Carolina, and I can tell you that men like you and your love for Christ are a wonderful thing to behold, a treasure to cherish. Your story is inspirational, and I love watching your posts, and I hope that I have the blessing of meeting you someday.  I went through a hard time in my walk, and you inspired me brother, and I thank you for that.  Thank you brother, keep doing what you do, it touches people so far away from you, you are a blessing.”

(From Melissa, a photographer we met at a bike event) – “Bless you Brian Cole…From where you were…. to where you are now. And from who were, to who you are now… and from who you HAVE blessed to who you WILL bless…..Thank you. Your heart…your words… your life… hit me, and so many of us… and make us feel normal. Thank you.”

(From a congregation member at Calvary Assembly of God Church I spoke at recently) – “God’s timing is perfect. When Jeremy told me about you, I knew God was in it. It was such a blessing to me and my family to meet you. Your light shines so bright even amongst all the others around…. Like 1000 watt stage lights for Jesus when so many are only 40 watts hanging together where they aren’t needed 😉 You encourage those around you to do more for the Kingdom, shine brighter and shine where we are needed, not only where we aren’t. We can’t thank you enough. I pray many blessing to you! God bless!!!”

(Tom, and Illinois based Gideon) – “Hi Brian, I was giving a church presentation for The Gideons in Sheridan Indiana this morning. After sharing your testimony a man came forward and accepted Christ. Wanted you to know you had a part in someone’s Redemption today. Praising the Lord! Tom Walther”

(Rick Beauchamp, an inmate I did alot of time with in a couple different prisons for many years and have connected with here on the streets) – “You know I have a friend who is a Pastor. he has kind of a crazy story. but I love the guy and the example he sets everyday. he writes a post everyday. I never miss a one. I appreciate his words of wisdom love and grace. This morning I found myself going back to one of his posts he wrote about Grace and how he handles adversity with the grace of Jesus.  I am thankful  for that post today. Brian Cole you are a amazing dude with an amazing story. I am thankful for having met you 18 years ago and thankful for the man you are today. God bless brother”

(Random person on Facebook) – “Hi, I know this may be an awkward message but I watched a video of you talking about hope and your background and it’s the first time I have ever and I mean EVER has given me goosebumps that has to do with jesus. I am not a non believer but yet I don’t believe in anything and my life is holding on by threads and I have a little boy depending on me and sometimes actually most of the time I feel hopeless. Your story got to me because I’m not an upstanding citizen and I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak that I, if there is a God I can’t understand why he would do this to me. I’m a lost child with a child of my own trying to figure it all out. I’d love to speak with you sometime, I also live in stanley.”

(Pastor Kloen, former Pastor of mine when i was a trouble making kid and mom forced us to go to a Lutheran Church) – “I. Just heard your hope message.  I thank God for having you and your family as part of my life and ministry. What a compelling message you have and are sharing. God has given me a great GIFT in you.”

(Sharon W.) – “Brian/Marsha: You will be sorely missed by our family for all the above reasons, and because you speak Truth uncompromisingly. That is such a breath of fresh air in our culture, especially when paired with the godly love you show to others. Thank you, and God will bless your ministry if history repeats itself…:)”

(Cindy C.) – “Brian Cole , thank YOU for the encouragement that your life and testimony has been to me personally. You’ve given me lots to meditate on. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to get to know you and Marsha Cole even the little bit that I did.”

(Cindy K.) – “Just wanted to let you know, Brian, how much I appreciated the way you went around the gathering and spoke to each individually, particularly the words of encouragement you spoke into so many lives there tonight. It made me wonder what it would have been like to have had an adult I looked up to speak such words to me when I was a teen and a new believer. Thank you for doing that! Especially on behalf of my granddaughter Alana!”

(Ana S.) – “This man and his family have done so much for our community,  youth everywhere, and I. If it wasn’t for Brian Cole sharing his story I may not be praying that God helps me through college tomorrow! Haha. Brian, God has placed you in my life, and in many others, for a reason. If it wasn’t for your unselfishness,  care, time, and most importantly love I may not know the Lord. I will be forever thankful of you and your family. You guys let me into your home in times of hurt just to give me confidence that it will be okay! You bought the youth food, waterballoons,and so much more even when you yourself, may have needed that money. I saw what you did in the community to serve the Lord and it impacted so many people! I hope the people in your new location know how lucky they are about to be in reciving such a God-honoring family! I haven’t gone to youth group much in the last year for, what I now consider, dumb reasons, or work. I want you to know that, though I wasn’t there , the posts you made on facebook, the stops into Shell, and just seeing you around were a reminder to go home and pray and thank God for all he has given me. To listen to worship music for Hours at a time, or to talk to friends about how their faith has been doing. You were my pastor even when I was away and that’s the greatest thing of all! I hope wherever you go brings you happiness, joy, and comfort! Thank you both for all you have provided Stanley and the people in this town! I love you guys and thank you for being that impact that changed my life!! ??”

(Beth C.) – “I wasn’t able to sign in your book today ,but wanted to say thank you for all you have done for my boys. You not only taught them awesome truths you were a living example of Jesus. I loved that you always made it a point to say hi to not just your youth group  kids,but everyone you saw. Thanks for your prayers I know you have said for us these years. It’s been a pleasure having you serve my boys . We will miss you.  God’s blessing on your next chapter .”

(Arlene B.) – “The last 6 days have been a whirlwind of activity!  It is amazing to see how a changed life gifted by Jesus, can reach out and give so much encouragement and hope to a lost and dying world.  The testimony of healing and deliverance Brian Cole has experienced in his life because of the LIFE of Jesus, has touched a few hundred lives in the Chequamegon Bay Area and we give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for reaching out to touch us here. 6 people made decisions for baptism after hearing the word Brian delivered, many many people took The Life Book to pass onto others and also many cd’s of Brian’s testimony to also share with others who may need to hear that OUR GOD LIVES and is still in the business of healing people from addictions, mental, and  emotional pain!”

(Pauline G.) – “Brian was so great seeing you and hearing your testimony again 3 years later. I can still see/ feel the fire you have within you for the Lord in spreading his message of restoration, healing, love and blessings. We are blessed to have you as a friend and brother in Christ. May good continue to show his favor on you and your beautiful family. Thanks for letting Ernie and I be a part of your day. Next time you come up we can do more worship music before you get started. :)”

(M.S. who attended the Oaks Church) – “Your sermon was very moving. I’ve been in some of the darkest times of my life and I feel the devil is testing me any way he can. I’ve been opening my heart to God more and more and asking for his grace and strength to guide me and carry me through this. I couldn’t help but thank you because I was just going for a ride a had a thirst so strong I needed water right now. Drove clear across town and couldn’t find a cup so I rinsed out a spitoon from behind my truck seat and filled it under the flow at the artesian well and immediately I remembered your words like you were talking to me right now. I didn’t drink that well water. I DRANK THE WATER THAT GIVES LIFE! thank you for your work. God bless you”

(A friend past and present) – “You know I have a friend who is a Pastor. he has kind of a crazy story. but I love the guy and the example he sets everyday. he writes a post everyday. I never miss a one. I appreciate his words of wisdom love and grace. This morning I found myself going back to one of his posts he wrote about Grace and how he handles adversity with the grace of Jesus.  I am thankful  for that post today. Brian Cole you are a amazing dude with an amazing story. I am thankful for having met you 18 years ago and thankful for the man you are today.
God bless brother”

(A Facebook friend) – “Brian I wanted to share this with you.. That is Pastor Beau Normans father Tim Norman who bapistized my client who I was asked to work with in early June..she has been in out of mental hospitals,  youth group homes,  make and forth of her mother’s home where her husband abused this child and mother. Makalas her name in June I came on shift in one of her behavior cycles not knowing she had cut on herself called 911 for cops to come take her just hours before. She took off in attempt to run off to her moms who lost guardianship.  That day she ran into busy intersection with oncoming traffic I still have flashbacks of the old red Buick with a curly headed brunette as I ran towards it to stop her from hitting makala only to look up seeing 10 or more cars coming at her from other lane.  I cried out to god to not let her be hit. He sent his angels to keep us from being hit. That night after 3 times of calling 911 her being seen at ER, I prayed for God to use me to save this child. I took her to 2 churches in her area. She was not receiving.. God spoke through me using my scars that before accepted God and met Tim Norman after attempting to take my own life,  I shared your videos after explaining how you are my mentor to show her how God loved her. Began leaving booklets from Angel Tree last year.. Praying for and over her. God uses us to glorify him and save lives even those whom we have not met yet. Makala wanted me there at lights on lake it was our planned outing I wanted her to meet Beau and hear the bands so she would see how real god is.. God humbled me and told me I did good.  And then I get a call saying makala wants bapistized I told I’m on my way but she was brave and did it on her own. Because of our testimonies and scars Brian have touched her life so much. You are just as much of a part of her trusting we speak truth as I am. God  uses us to bring his children back to  him.  Share this sometime with your youth.  How letting God in our hearts takes our pain from our hurts and leaves the scar to share with others without the sting again.”

(Bree) – “Hi Brian! Blake is still drug free!!!! He is working on a farm. Which I never thought this would be something he would even considered. He loves it. He works at 3 am. His words. It’s so peaceful! Again thank you for your continued stories that bring hope!”

(From Mike Undershutz, Secretary at Faith Free and Missionary) – “Brian, I just wanted let you know about something very interesting that happened yesterday. Long story short a man walked into my office yesterday and he said he was there because he was ready to end his life. I listened to him explain his world for about a half an hour and I prayed with him. We then talked for another hour and a half almost after that during which time I showed him the video of your testimony from the 700 club. It deeply touched his heart and I wanted to encourage you to keep on going for Jesus because many layers are touched and in this case and help to save a life.”

(Carla, who’s son went through our Almond Tree addictions program) – “My friend, my brother in Christ, what a profound blessing you are. I want you to know how truly grateful I am for the work you have done with Jeremy. I have intentionally stayed out of his path with you and not talked with you about it because it’s not my place to interfere. But he’s now  restoring critical relationships and elements of his life and I can see the peace and confidence that he carries. It’s the same thing I say about some of the inmates who are coming into their own as they grow their relationship with Christ. There is physical, noticeable change. I see just some of the bits and pieces of how busy you are so I know that for you to have taken the time these past months to have supported Jeremy was a sacrifice. My family came to you as complete strangers and you made a place for us to both serve and be served. I like to write and I like to tell stories, but I am at a loss for how to describe for you the gratitude that I have for your service and heart for my family. I have genuine hope for the restoration of my family and that God will use our pain in some way for His glory. Redemptive Suffering – a term I never understood until addiction and prison became my reality and that my fighting against it was became the very tool that God would use to show me where He most wanted me to serve him. Jeremy is now preparing to join his fiancé and daughter in the rebuilding of their lives – under the power and influence of Jesus Christ. I truly didn’t think I would see this day. So as I sit in tears of awe, you need to know my heartfelt gratitude. Parents only ever do as well as their child who is doing the worst. I have had to remind myself many times these past years how to breathe. Breathing is something our bodies do on their own, without requiring our involvement. And yet, I have had to remind myself too many times how to breathe real oxygen, not just the recycled shallow breath I previously allowed to escape. I stand taller, and I breathe deep, full, life regenerating breaths because I am now confident that both of my sons walk restored lives with the Lord. For your devoted role in that, I am humbly grateful. And the best way I can give back is to continue to serve in our shared community as your fellow Kingdom Builder. Blessings brother, for all you are doing in the world.”

Cristi, after speaking at the Spirit of Life Church in Fond du Lac, WI.) – “Amazing testimony by you again last night! Mark and I both are moved every time we hear it. Mark wanted me to share this with you…
Last night, especially as you were showing your video, I could sense the forces of good and evil at a standoff – evil wants you back and it wants to stop the good you are doing, and the army of God was intervening to protect you. Satan is so very angry! It was quite prolific, and at one point I thought I would pass out from the intensity (of the spiritual warfare). I know this sounds quite weird, and that is why I didn’t want to say anything at first, but Mark (who knows me well and knows that I am not nuts, lol!) wanted me to share this with you to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. There is a great battle going on in the spiritual world (I’m sure you already know that), but every now and again, God allows me to see – in the spirit – just how profoundly real it is. I wish I could describe some of the dreams, visions, etc. He has blessed me with, but I can’t because nothing in this world compares to what isn’t of the world as we know it. I think that is why Revelation is so hard for a lot of people to grasp, the human words used to describe supernatural things.. though the attempt is heartfelt… cannot fully convey the experience. Only the Spirit of God can show us things like this.”

(“Stephanie – whom I met at “The Church of Felons” movie preview in Superior) – “Pastor Brian Cole is an amazing man I met in Superior. He said he felt my pain and introduced me to some other pastors including Pastor Jack Clarence Swonger Jr. and then they all prayed for me. Brian gave me a beautiful leather bound Bible. The whole experience was life changing for me.”

(From a local Facebook friend) – “I have a story for you. The other day I posted that a lot of people think it is coincidence how and when we meet people, but that I call it fate. I am a firm believer in this. So, what I am about to tell you will confirm that. You have met all of my children, mostly at separate times. You have had an impact on each and every one of them. It started with you being a guest speaker at Baynet youth group (this is where you would have met Daimyon, Clay, and William). Then, it turned out you and your wife were holding Bible study at your house and were requesting assistance with the younger children attending via the J-walker girls youth group, Mercedes (Sadie) volunteered. And then there was Portia. Then, while I was at my oncology appt with my husband, one of my neighbors and very best friends had my 15 yr old, Daimyon, and my 3 year old, Dominyck (Nicky) at a car wash, where you were simultaneously. Daimyon said he didn’t think you recognized him, but was ever so elated you gave Nicky a penny with a cross through it. God works in mysterious ways, my friend….and for whatever reason that may be, he keeps leading you to my family. I think that is awesome!”

(From a Facebook friend) – “I know I’m a little late but I just saw your post from Sunday asking if anyone is going through a hard time and the scripture you put with it about calling on the name of the Lord and I just wanted to thank you for posting that. I’ve been going through a really hard time lately and today was even worse than usual but when I checked FB and saw that post I felt a sense of peace wash over me and I can hear God telling me now that no matter how hard of a time I’m going through, He’s in control and he loves me. I know that the hard times will still come but I also believe that God is using these hard times to teach me. That’s exactly what I needed to hear today especially. God is good. Thanks for being a messenger for God.”

(After speaking at a Celebrate Recovery group) – “Truly Brian I was on the edge of having nothing left in my life because of my strongholds so hope helps you and your family understand u are helping change lives and save people and help mend broken relationships and families. Thank you from the bottom if my heart!!!! You have a beautiful family and are an absolute amazing inspiration…the movie only can imagine made and knowing your background gives me hope that one day I will have some inner healing and be able to move on and let go.”

(Lacey, a former drug addict) – “Hey I just want you to know I have never forgot about you. I have came so far by the grace of god.you of all people know how lost I was . I hurt so bad. And my final straw was sitting in that jail cell the night before I got out and looking up and praying to god to help me get better. And that’s what he did. He didn’t forget about me he didn’t abandon me. He was there. He saved me. Even though I didn’t think I was worth saving . He did it. I remember coming to church and having you see me black and blue and the hurt in your eyes and it made me cry so bad cuz I new you saw my pain. Thank you for everything. I will never forget you and your family being there for me. It meant so much. Thank you . You guys will forever hold a spot in my heart and soul. Thank you and thank God for you. And the power he has.”

(An individual from the Spooner area) – Brian Cole I meet April 7th in person. I was was huge follower after seeing Ben Dryden post his testimony…just gravitated to it…knowing and seeing we are loved flaws in all…Christ gives us freedom of bondage, the books  in which I probably only maybe read 1 a year I am craving faith based books, movies and music, feel like the weight of the world has lifted off me…DO NOT LET ANYONE make your feel ashamed of your past mistakes only one evil in this world wants us to stay bonded in those chains of shame, guilt and humiliation…thank I Ben for sharing Brian’s testimony and thank u Brian.

(Rush City, MN. Outreach Event) – “Hi, Brian. My wife and I attended your message tonight at the Rush City High School. We wanted to reach out to you and tell you what an awesome testimony you have!!! We are so blessed to see what God has done and continues to do in and through you. You have a powerful ministry and we are so thankful that you made the decision to follow Jesus! You are impacting a lost and dying world! Thank you for your obedience!! God bless you in all you do!! Jeff and Melissa Dotseth.”

Texas Mission Trip with some Students

(Nathan, the Youth Pastor from the Church we were staying at in Pharr and who’s students did a couple things with us) –IMG_1446

“Our time together was brief, and yet God used you as He has been for the last 4 years to touch my life and showed me some things about Him that I had forgotten – God cares for us at our worst, His enemy, and makes us His best, a friend! Your transparency about what God has done (and is continuing to do) in your life speaks to my heart and makes me ask: “What is Christianity about?” Sometimes I am living with more fear for man than God. Your walk encouraged me to live for the Lord! I also want to thank you for what you taught me and my youth about what it means to surrender our lives to the Lord and SEEK OUT/BE READY FOR opportunities to serve Him! When I heard the testimony of you and Eddie meeting that woman at the gas station, being sensitive to the spirit and praying for her, seeing her sadness, and responding to the call of the Spirit to minister to her… I said: “Man! I wish I was there!” But, she came to our service and we got to pray for her and give her hugs… All the while God was blessing us with her presence as much as we blessed her. All because that morning, ya’ll had planned on going somewhere else, God stopped those plans and planted you somewhere else. Brother, I want to tell you that our time alone talking to each other meant alot to me. I feel like we connected on real issues that men, the Church in America, and Christians everywhere likely struggle with.” Nathan

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(From Elisa, one of the students from the Pharr youth group) – “What can I say about that week with the “Wisconsinites?” In short, it had an impact on me that I’ll never forget. One that is still discussed even a month later. I met many different people through Pastor Brian and the different ministries that we did. I got to witness the Spirit move in people. And through the whole thing, I developed a bond with believers from the other side of the country, something I never thought would be possible. When I first heard of some missionaries from Wisconsin were coming down, I didn’t think much of it. I merely shrugged and said, “cool,” thinking that they’d come, stay awhile, ignore us for the most part, do what they need to do, and leave without a second glance. Boy was I wrong! It turned out that we had alot in common. It felt as if we’d known each other all along. This never happened before. People even said that they “couldn’t tell which group was which, and who belongs to what group.” We got along like one. New friends were made. With these new friends we got to do ministry work. It was all amazing and lit a fire in me to serve God like I had never wanted to before. I heard powerful testimonies and saw hard hearts soften. There is no way to describe the feeling I got when I felt God’s presence all around us. Tears were shed and an inexplainable joy captured me. Like the moment that stood out to me the most. The experience with the grieving widow. Standing in our Church sanctuary, each and every one of us gave her a hug and some encouraging words. She smiled through her tears, grateful. Somehow, after giving her a hug, we ended up in a circle around her, linking together and swaying softly. It happened so naturally. No one spoke because no one could, the air seemd to heavy with something powerful. That is when we all layed hands on her and prayed. Two contrasting groups of teens and several adults from different worlds, praying to the same God for this one widow! That same evening was also the hardest, because it was goodbye. Half of the “Texconsin Youthonians” were going back to Wisconsin. After the sobbing ceased, we joked about moving there, or them staying here, and we hoped to see each other again soon. The song they sang to us, though, describes perfectly what we all felt, Because “yesrterday’s gone, we gotta keep moving on, I’m so thankful for the moment, so glad I got to know you. The time that we had, I’ll keep like a photograph. I’ll hold you in my heart forever. I’ll always remember you.” If we don’t see them here, we’ll see them in our next life in heaven. That’s what a bond is. No matter where we are, it can’t be broken.” -Elisa


(From Emily, another Student from the Pharr youth group) – “Wow, where to start? That week with the Wisconsin group was definitly life changing. Everything from Pastor Brian’s testimony to the last goodbye have taken root in my memory and have spread out to affect my everyday life. Words can’t even begin to describe the deep connection that came to life in all of us. I think it’s one of those things that only God can bring about. How else do you explain how close we all became after knowing each other for only 3 days? I have always enjoyed meeting new people, so I got excited when I heard that a youth group from Wisconsin was coming down to visit. But as their arrival got closer, I braced myself for the treatment we normally get from other youth groups: a “hi” and a “goodbye” without anything of value in between. I thought that they would come, be polite but distant, do a few group activities with us, and then leave. But things have a tendency not to go completely according to plan. Now, I’m not saying that we became best friends right away, because that’s not what happened. In the beginning, we had a few of those awkward silences where we weren’t QUITE sure what to say to each other. At lunch, our groups were separated and most of the talking was done amongst ourselves. Brittney and Shania were really the ones who broke the ice. Because of them, we discovered something we all had in common: a love for dancing. For the rest of that afternoon, we taught each other all of the line dances we knew. We spent the whole time laughing WITH each other AT each other! That first day was the start of something special. Later that week, the Wisconsin-ites invited our youth group to do some ministry work. I have never actually done any ministry work so I didn’t really know what to expect. When they told us that we were going to be cleaning a yard, I took a sigh of relief. Cleaning a yard was something I could do. Normally I get really stressed when there is a huge mess because I am a huge neat freak. Strangely, though, that dirty yard didn’t make me stressed at all. I was oddly calm. Together, piece by piece, we cleaned up the whole yard. I never thought we could portray the image of God by picking up a yard, but that’s what we did. e were able to show the love of God to that family, and all we did was pick up trash. Every time I think about it, I can’t help but smile. And the biggest reward of all was seeing the gratitude written all over their faces. When the Wisconsin-ites came down, their freedom to be themselves rubbed off on us. Because of them, I stood on stage with Shania and sang my heart out. Because of Pastor brian, I played dodge-ball for the first time. And because of both Shania and Brittney I prayed out loud without fear. These were all things that I had always been afraid to do, but because of them and the work of God in my heart, that fear left me. Before that week, I had never felt that freedom. It made me feel as light as a feather and I couldn’t stop smiling. It was so amazing to be free from the fear that had tied me down for so long. The entire week was beautiful, and so many other things that words can’t convey. When we were talking about what impacted us the most that week, everyone was talking about fellowship. By the end of it all, we had blended the groups so completely that you couldn’t tell one from the other. As you can probably imagine, it took forever to say goodbye. We spent about an hour crying, hugging, and praying with each other before we loaded ourselves in our van and went home. It was one of those moments when you felt both happy and sad at the same time. As my mom put it, it was a happy kind of sad. I just want to say thank you to Brittney, Shania, Luke, Steven, James, and Pastor Brian. It was so amazing having you here. You impacted us all so deeply. Thank you for the freedom that you helped me feel. Because of you, that pressure to be perfect has been lightened. It isn’t gone, but it no longer has such a strong hold on me. Thank you so much for spreading a fire in all of us that I hope never ceases to burn. And lastly, thank you for an experience of a lifetime! Keep that river of life flowing out of you and you will continue to impact people the way you impacted us. God bless!” -Emily H.077

(Another Pharr youth Student, Karina) –  “Where to start? Having the youth from Wisconsin touched and blessed many people! For starters, Pastor Brian’s testimony! He told his story during a pot luck we had at the Church, so many of the Living Word Church members were able to hear his story. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. I personally had some of my doubts put to rest and I was really encouraged! God’s forgiveness, enduring patience, amazing love and restoring hands were very evident in Pastor Brian’s life! It was just so amazing and encouraging to hear.Our group had the privilege of going with Pastor Brian and his group into the community to do some ministry work. We cleaned 2 different yards. That was my first time going out on active ministry and I really enjoyed it! We all really got along and even had fun despite the work. The people who lived in the houses even served us dinner as a way of giving back to us. It felt good to give to them in that way. We were also able to go out and evangelize in the local park. It was also my first time doing this. I was so nervous, but seeing the way Pastor Brian, Luke, Shania, Steven, Brittney and James were at ease, helped reassure me. It seemed to come so naturally for them, and that too, was encouraging.  The last night they were here, a recent widow named Natalie came to the church. Pastor Brian and Eddie met her at a gas station, and invited her to come to the church. We simply comforted her and prayed for her. She was really touched by it all. We all cried along with her and gave her hugs which I think is a good way to represent the purpose of the Church and the unity we are to have as a body. It was definitely a good reminder for me. It is hard to write on paper exactly all that went on that week. One thing was a revival in our youth group and within me. Because I grew up in the Church, I regret to say that I have never felt of fire for God. Jesus and the cross was something I heard since I was very young. of course, I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and am genuinely grateful for what He did on the cross, but I never FELT that fire and passion other believers talk about- that is not until the Wisconsin youth group came down. I wanted to do things for God. I had a desire to serve Him and bring people inti His Kingdom. Hardly anything except God and doing His will crossed my mind that week. With these brothers and sisters from Wisconsin I felt a oneness. I felt so tightly bonded with them. I felt the Spirit moving within our groups. Mrs. Miles said she couldn’t tell who was from what youth group! they taught me that. They showed me how it’s supposed to be between believers whether they attend the same Church or not. They showed me how unafraid and confident we are supposed to be with our Church family. For example, at one point Pastor Brian asked if I would pray before we ate the food. Being a very closed-up person, my first reaction was fear, but then I thought “Oh, wait, I know how to talk to God!” and I did it! I prayed. Another example is, on their last night here, we all went around the room saying what impacted us the most this past week. I was eager to share how amazing our bonding had been and how great it was to do ministry work with them. I did not feel the least bit of fear. It was so good! Shania even sang a song, “I’ll always remember you!” We spent a little over an hour saying our good-byes. We kept hugging them over and over again and we all were sobbing! I didn’t want it to end! I wanted that feeling of awesomeness to stay with me. Nobody, nobody has ever impacted me so deeply, especially in such a little amount of time. I thank God for such an incredible week and for the friends we made! I had an amazing time working alongside them and getting to know them. I have kept in contact with them through Facebook and texting, but I hope to see them again soon!” -Karina

(Another letter from one of the students in Pharr- Monica) – 493“When I first heard that the Wisconsin youth Group (also known as the Wisconsinites) were coming down, I didn’t think much about it. I thought that they were going to ignore us, do what they need to, and leave. But I was wrong. We met the Wisconsin girls on Sunday. After the sermon we invited Brittney and Shania to Sunday School. They didn’t talk much during class, but afterwards they said that we should meet the Wisconsin boys. So we went out to the basketball court and met them. They also seemed really quiet. My youth Pastor (Nate) suggested we should hang out with them until potluck which we were hosting at the Church. We all thought that was a good idea. Immediately we all clicked. The girls were dancing and the boys played sports. Afterwards we all went upstairs to play dodge-ball. We found out they weren’t quiet at all! In fact, we really didn’t have a chance to talk. It was time for pot luck and Pastor Brian gave his testimony. It was so powerful it brought tears to my eyes. I would have never guessed that, I thought he grew up as a Christian. It just goes to show that God can work through anybody and everybody. The next couple days we went with them to clean a couple of yards, eat Mexican food, evangelizing, and just hang out. The last day they were here we sang and had small testimonies  about how they affected us. We were all crying at one point. The part of that night that had the most impact on us was when we were all huddled around a widow that Pastor Brian witnessed to earlier and we were all swaying back and forth singing. When they had to go home was the hardest part. They gave me life in a sense. They were nothing like the other youth groups who visit us, where they would not want anything to do with us. It’s like I had a taste of God and heaven, as my dad would say. We will never forget them. Words will never describe how much I love them. I have a really bad memory, but this is something I’ll always remember.” -Monica

(A letter from the mother of one of the boys who joined us from the Pharr group) –227886_484579788243989_269507629_n“Hey there guys. I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband and myself, to let you all know that having Brian and those youth here really made an impact on not only the life of my 2 boys, but in all my family! My kids have found new brothers and sisters in Christ not only from your part of the world, but here locally also, and it came from your visit. My boys will keep in touch with some of the youth that came down and I think that is awesome! They really look forward in seeing them again soon. The lessons they learned from them they will carry in their hearts forever. As a parent I would love for you all to come back and visit and do more missions work, the look of satisfaction on my boy’s faces was priceless, listening to them coming home and telling us about what they did and how they helped, and all they shared was just so heartwarming. I hope you can all make it back to the valley again soon. You all gave back my boys some hope, and faith they had lost from their youth group, and for that I will always be grateful. The picture I am sending (The one posted here to the right) pretty much sums it up, the 2 boys at the end are my boys Isaiah and Abraham, and the boys in the middle are their new brothers, and only after 1 day together helping in the Colonias can you see the love that they not only have for each other, but for God! God bless you.”


A testimony about one of the inmates involved in our Prison fellowship seminar recently:

Our Prison Fellowship seminar was wrapping up after two days of a great session on unconditional love with thirty six inmates in a Wisconsin state prison.  We were taking time to hear testimonies of many who had come to know Jesus Christ during their time in prison.  We had listened to eight or ten moving testimonies of how several of these men had come to know the powerful presence of Jesus in their lives, many of them in just the past year or two.

And, oh, how they loved the opportunity to tell of the change brought into their lives by his presence.  Our leader, Kit, had invited men to testify, saying once or twice before as the hour grew late, “We have time for just one more testimony.”  Little did we know that only then, after so many amazing testimonies, we were about to witness an incredibly powerful moment in the presence of God. 12525369_10153404218223526_4603111278582788165_o

T walked quietly up to the podium, his eyes on the floor.  He held a piece of paper in his trembling hands.  This was the paper from an earlier exercise about forgiving.  All the participants had first been asked to write a name on a blank piece of paper, the name of someone they needed to forgive.  In the exercise there was lecture and discussion about the need for and power of forgiveness, culminating in a moment where they were all asked to silently forgive that person, tear the paper into pieces, and throw them into a community waste basket while letting go of the heavy weight of the previously unforgiven transgression.

T had obviously not been able to follow through on that act earlier.  He stood before us with that paper shaking in his hands, silent for a time.  Then he said in a shaking voice, “I don’t know if I can do this.”  At first, I thought he was referring to speaking.  As the community of believers shouted up to him, “We’re here for you T,”  “We’ll hold you up, T,”  “Tell us, T,” it soon became apparent he was referring to a deeper doubt.

He began talking about his incarceration.  He hadn’t “caught a sentence” he said, he had “earned” it with his crime.  He worked back to his childhood, not as an excuse for his crime but as an obstacle to his faith.  He told of his entry into foster care at age two, separation from his siblings, and the abuse he found along his journey.  He confessed before grown men that he was still afraid of the dark at age 33 “because of what they did to me at night.”  He told us how difficult it was for him to fuel up a car, because whenever he smelled the gasoline he was reminded of the time gasoline was poured on him in his childhood…an act that was intended to kill him with the strike of a match, he said, interrupted only by an unexpected visitor appearing in the driveway.  Perhaps the paper in his trembling hands was connected to such an event.

Then he said, “I want to believe, but I just don’t know if I can.  I’ve seen what you guys have, and I want it.”  Then Kathy came up to pray with T.  Many of his brothers who had been encouraging him rose and gathered around him, Prison Fellowship volunteers as well, while Kathy prayed for the Holy Spirit to enter in and claim T.  Surrounded by the unconditional love of so many, we felt the extraordinary presence of the Spirit in our midst.

T’s future will not be an easy road.  I don’t know how deeply he was touched, how firmly his faith has taken root, what his tomorrows will bring.  But I do know that we witnessed a miracle.  The miracle that there is a greater power, a power as great as the love of God that can still touch a man so broken and bowed.  The miracle that a community of faith so strong and so encouraging, even behind prison walls, can gather around him to lift him up and call in that love so strong.  That’s the story T showed us late that day.  It left us in awe.

(From an inmate at JCI) – “I am writing this letter to say Thank You for your precious time, compassion, and your willingness to bring the Good News to those in need. I am forever changed by your teachings. I once lived in the darkness and now I live in the LIGHT! I die daily to the cross. As I walk, live, and work in this prison, I profess to anyone I can the love of Jesus has shown me.”

(Letter from Inmate at the Nebraska Work Camp) – “I want to thank you for visiting us and sharing your story. For me it really hit home; it hit home hard… Mr. Cole, you are what I want, you do what I want, and that’s a huge inspiration to people who hurt, who have a void in their life, and that void is a lack of Christ. You just gave me all the more drive for what I want to do, and for that sir I thank you with all my heart. Thank you for stoking my fire.”


(From Shannon, one of the Students parents)- “My son, a 7th grader was at the Becker Youth group last night. He came out of The Hub and his first words were, “Tonight was amazing!” We have already had multiple conversations regarding your testimony. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do. I can’t speak for any other child that was there, but your words were heard by my son and have been on his mind since last night. I love seeing how other Godly men and women can reach my child in ways my husband and I can’t. I’m thankful Pastor Kevin invited you, I’m thankful you came, and I pray your words and ministry reaches the masses. God bless you!” -Shannon

Newspaper article done when I went to Becker, Minn. to speak. (Click on to go to link)11341_1129046507127784_8286705942639699773_n


(Jeff W., visiting our Church) – ” I was in awe today. I came down to check out the Oaks and help Ryan and Nicole out since they were helping with worship. I go to Salem, have been to the Rock many times. Attending the Oaks today magnified my hunger to serve, be obedient to God and go deeper in my relationship with Christ. It was my honor to step into a building with a man whose goal is to build and equip the body of Christ. Thank you…”

(Being a pulpit fill at our old church in Stanley, this was a message received to Pastor Mike from an attendee) – “..I visited your church on Sunday to see Pastor Brian Cole preach. I didn’t want to leave. Getting ready for church Sunday morning I was unexpectedly VERY excited. (I have a serious ear infection and am in pain and sick.) I sang at the top of my lungs to praise music, with my hands in the air in front of the bathroom sink. I looked at my watch and it was 2 hours until service and I was like a kid at Christmas. I’ve NEVER experienced this before! I walked into your church and it felt like home. I woke at 5am Monday morning and the word “Home” kept echoing through my head. I’ve spent hours yesterday and today searching the internet about the EFCA and Faith Free Stanley. I read Brian’s statement on how you accepted him as your own when he was new in his walk. I’ve been starving for the type of FREE information you provide on your personal website……I’m 36 and turned to Jesus 2 years ago. The last 2 years of my life has been a wild ride and every twist and turn I just cling tighter to Jesus. I’m being called to serve Jesus in ways that are not common in my circle of family and friends. I’ve felt like an outsider…until I found your church! Praise God!! I printed the First Steps Discovery Student Guide. I guess next I plan to look into the Bethlehem Resources. I would love to take the theology course too!! Again, this is the stuff I’ve been starving for. Jesus saved me and I want to share the good news with others. I particularly feel called to serve those with mental illness and addictions; and children suffering from those conditions personally or by a loved one. I’ve been called; loudly and clearly by God. And I’m trembling but I’m stepping out there to do it. I’m just hoping you could guide me. God Bless You!!!”